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Strain Plumbing began in 1979 from the home of Rick Strain. Rick's Plumbing, as it was named, had a primary source of revenue in new construction.  In 1980, Rick entered into a partnership with another Master Plumber and started Larry & Rick's Plumbing and the business was moved to Rufe Snow Drive south of Glenview Drive in it's first office building.  In 1982, the partnership dissolved and Strain Plumbing Company was formed. In May, 1986, the business moved to its present location and performed new construction, remodeling and repair service and was incorporated in 1995 and became STRAIN PLUMBING COMPANY, INC. and shifted to repair service and remodeling.  

In October 2020, Rick and Martha retired and Strain Plumbing Company was purchased by Jason Boaz.  Jason has been working in the plumbing industry for over 10 years and comes from a long line of plumbers.  It is his sincere desire to continue providing excellent service to the customers of Strain Plumbing and continue the legacy that Rick and Martha began.  

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